Warranty, Returns & Refund Policy For Quality Auto Salvage

Warranty Policy

Our warranty covers any damaged, defective, or incorrect parts sent to customers. We offer a "parts only" warranty, and the warranty period can be confirmed with the sales agent or on the invoice at the time of purchase. If no warranty is mentioned or informed by the sales agent, the part will be sold in "as is" condition, and Quality Auto Salvage will not be responsible for the performance of the part once it is delivered.

NO LABOR CHARGES are covered for any part sold by Quality Auto Salvage. In the event a part is found to be defective, incorrect, or damaged, we will first attempt to replace it. If a replacement is not available, we will issue a refund for the total amount charged. If another order is made prior to the return of the first part, payment for the second part will be required, and the initial order will be refunded once the part is returned. Return shipping costs will not be reimbursed to customers. When contacting Quality Auto Salvage for a return, please provide a detailed explanation as to why the part is being returned, along with pictures or a diagnostic report from an authorized mechanic, garage, or dealership.

If a part is returned that does not fit the specifications listed in the order or invoice as placed by the customer, Quality Auto Salvage reserves the right to apply a 25% restocking fee and withhold shipping amounts both ways from the refund.

Quality Auto Salvage is not responsible for items delivered to the address given at the time of purchase according to tracking information but not taken into possession by the customer.

Items ordered for "testing purposes only" or ordered incorrectly to check interchangeability by the customer will not be available for return. We advise customers to verify the actual part needed with a mechanical or body expert (mechanic) before ordering. While we ensure we send out an exact matching part as our customers have in their vehicle, combined with our years of experience, it is beneficial for our customers to conduct necessary research before ordering. Items returned after the warranty period expires will not be refunded and will be returned to customers. Parts must be received within 30 days of the original shipment delivery date to be accepted after Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is approved.

Certain exceptions can void a warranty provided during purchase, as outlined below:


Warranty is void unless all external parts that are worn, defective, different, or missing are replaced, and the radiator is flow tested by a radiator shop (warranty requires a dated receipt). Timing components, injectors, oil cooler, thermostat, and water pump must be replaced. Engines are sold as interchangeable long blocks, and year and model may differ; warranty is limited to 90 days from the purchase date. Unauthorized dismantling of heads and blocks voids the warranty. If heat tabs are melted or removed, the warranty is void. Engine accessories such as turbos, starters, air compressors, alternators, power steering pumps, optical distributors, or electrical water pumps are not included nor under warranty. Any separately purchased parts will be under warranty as stated by the agent during purchase. The warranty does not include switches, sensors, or any labor charges. Seals must be inspected and replaced before installation if necessary. Negligence or abuse of the unit is not covered by the warranty. It is required to reseal transmission and engine oil pans. Engines come with a 90-day warranty unless otherwise specified on the invoice.

Cylinder heads

Are guaranteed to not be warped or cracked and will be checked during the inspection. Rings and valves may need to be remachined for better performance.

Orders of "Block Only" (Short or Long Block) are guaranteed to be rebuildable only until otherwise stated by the agent in written format.

Seals in turbos

Seals in turbos are not guaranteed to be in perfect condition and may need replacing during the warranty period as per the customer's requirement.


Transmissions are WITHOUT A FILTER. We guarantee that they will shift properly and smoothly, gears to be good, and bearings to be good. All components of the transmission, including the oil pan, must be thoroughly cleaned before assembly to ensure better performance. Oil and filter must be replaced in all types of automatic transmissions. Seals and gaskets must be replaced before installation. The torque converter and axle seals must be replaced. In the case of a manual transmission, a new clutch, pressure plate, and slave cylinder must be installed. The flywheel must also be turned before installation. The fluid must be filled and checked to ensure proper levels. Excluded parts on transmissions that are not under warranty are filters, gaskets, seals, all sensors, electrical parts, transmission coolers, mounts, transmission lines, tuning, adjustments, and transferring of parts. Failure to replace filters, fluids, flushing transmission cooling lines, and/or improper installation will void the transmission warranty completely.

CVT transmission

CVT transmission is covered under our warranty as long as all the requirements listed have been met:

If any of these requirements are not met and/or any of these receipts are not provided, the warranty is void.

Electrical items such as engine computers (ECU, brain box, powertrain module) and body control modules, transmission modules, and transfer case are only guaranteed to have the correct manufacturer part number (OEM number) and are not sold for testing purposes. All electrical items will have a replacement warranty only. Modules may need to be reset by the dealer if they are superseded. If this is required, the part cannot be returned until verified by the dealer that the part has been reset properly and is still not functional. Electrical parts that have been modified in any way (other than by reprogramming) will not be refunded.


We guarantee only the ability to be rebuilt for further use and will come as plug-and-play.

Instrument and Speedometer Clusters

We do not guarantee exact mileage. For particular vehicles such as Lexus, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Cadillac, the customer may be required to take the cluster to a dealership to have the unit reprogrammed as per the customer's vehicle. Quality Auto Salvage will not return or refund any units/parts until the customer can provide written documentation from an authorized dealer proving the part was reprogrammed and still not functioning properly.


Struts are sold with a working condition warranty only. We do not guarantee the actual ride quality of the shocks or springs due to being used parts. We do guarantee that the springs and strut tower will be in working condition and are not completely rusted.


Control arms are guaranteed to be true and straight without any cracks. Any rubber bushings or non-metal parts attached to the OEM control arms are not guaranteed.

Bushings and Ball Joints

Bushings and Ball Joints are not guaranteed on parts sold.

Axle Assemblies

Our standard warranty comes with only one-time part replacement warranty for extended warranties. Excluded items are gaskets, seals, all brake components, and transferring of parts. All seals and gaskets must be replaced. Improper installation will void the axle assembly warranty completely.

Transfer Cases

Our standard warranty covers transfer cases. Extended warranties come with only one-time part replacement warranty. Excluded items are gaskets, seals, and transferring of parts. All seals and cover gaskets must be replaced. Improper installation will void the transfer case warranty completely.


Doors are complete assemblies; however, they are not guaranteed to come with accessories such as windows, window regulators, handles, hinges, or interior panels. We only guarantee the door shell; anything extra that you may receive is not under warranty.

Other body parts such as hoods, fenders, bumpers, quarter panels, and header panels are not guaranteed to come with hinges, hood ornaments, latches, trim, headlights, or grilles. Pictures of parts will be sent prior to shipping to show their condition.

Specific colors may be requested for body parts, but a color match is not guaranteed as per the color code. We recommend that body parts may be repainted to match your vehicle in case an exact color match is not available. Body parts that do not match the color of your vehicle will not be available for return for that reason, as pictures of the same will be sent prior shipment to avoid any misunderstandings regarding its color.


Airbags must be shipped as HAZMAT ground and NOT via air shipment. NO EXCEPTIONS. Due to the HAZMAT requirement, we will not authorize the return of any airbags that do not fit a vehicle. For a used airbag to operate properly, a qualified installer must install the used airbag in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's specifications. Any used airbag that is not installed correctly will subject passengers in a vehicle to risks of serious injuries, including death, which may arise as a result of the improper installation of a used airbag.

Quality Auto Salvage makes absolutely NO warranty, express or implied, as to the fitness for a general or particular purpose or of merchantability in connection with any sale of used airbags. ALL USED AIRBAGS ARE SOLD 'AS IS.'

Used airbags are not tested by Quality Auto Salvage or its vendors to meet any safety standards. The installer of a used airbag must test whether the used airbag will function properly. The purchaser of an airbag from Quality Auto Salvage agrees to accept all risks of damages or injuries, including death, relating to the use of a used airbag.


Per New York state law, if you are a resident of New York, you cannot purchase this used Airbag (inflatable restraint system).

Retrn Policy

ALL COMMUNICATION REGARDING COMPLAINTS MUST BE IN WRITING via TEXT, MAIL, EMAIL, OR FAX to verify a problem with a particular part or installation.

Parts must be in an unaltered, resellable condition and in original packaging, with the invoice. Parts purchased for testing, checking interchangeability, or for swapping must be informed prior to purchase, and a restocking fee of 25% on the original bill must be paid to get refunds. Items returned that are not the original part shipped will not be refunded. Parts are identified by matching exact part numbers printed or engraved on the part itself. Items returned that are not in the original condition shipped (excluding items damaged in shipping and verified by a Quality Auto Salvage representative) will not be refunded.

If you receive a damaged, defective part, or an incorrect part, please notify our customer service department via email, text, or phone with pictures and a diagnostic report for a quick resolution. DO NOT SEND THE PART BACK BEFORE BEING INSTRUCTED BY A CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT (RETURN MERCHANDISE AUTHORIZATION RMA) IN WRITING. Returning the part is the responsibility of the customer, and Quality Auto Salvage must be provided with a return tracking number when the item is returned. The item must be returned within 7 business days of the receipt of the RMA. The return address will be provided once the part is approved for being sent back to our warehouse for further processing. Parts must be sent back to the exact address provided by the customer service agent and will be sent in writing as well to the customer. Parts returned to Quality Auto Salvage will be forwarded to the correct address listed on the RMA instructions, at the customer's expense.

Refund Policy

Once the customer returns the item, we'll inspect it, and upon approval, we'll forward a credit request to accounting. Customer refunds are typically issued within 15-20 business days after the returned part has been verified and inspected. QUALITY AUTO SALVAGE LLC will not authorize any credit or accept any return for damage that occurs during shipping but is not noted on the delivery receipt.

If a returned part does not meet the specifications outlined in this warranty, QUALITY AUTO SALVAGE LLC reserves the right to apply a 25% restocking fee and withhold shipping amounts from the refund.

Items ordered for testing purposes only or ordered incorrectly by the customer cannot be returned. Items returned after the warranty period will not be refunded and will be returned to the sender. Parts must be received within 30 days of the original shipment delivery date to be accepted.

Items returned in a condition other than the original shipped condition (excluding items damaged in shipping and verified by a QUALITY AUTO SALVAGE LLC representative) will not be refunded.

Returning the part is the customer's responsibility, including paying for return shipping. Return shipping charges are non-refundable, and if a refund is issued, the cost of return shipping will be deducted.

Refunds on part purchases are only issued within 30 days of the original purchase date. Replacements, repairs, or price adjustments do not extend your limited warranty. The purchaser must contact Quality Auto in writing within 7 days of the warranty expiration date to file a claim. The purchaser is responsible for the cost of professionally diagnosing defective parts. Quality Auto will make the final diagnosis regarding the cause of the warranted part's failure, and no other party's opinion shall override this decision. The limited warranty is limited to the original purchaser and the original part only, and it is non-transferable. Quality Auto is not responsible for additional warranty coverage if parts are deemed defective upon original installation. Quality Auto is also not responsible for properly diagnosing the original need to repair the purchaser's vehicle. It is the purchaser's responsibility to have their problem properly diagnosed before purchasing a part. THESE MATERIALS ARE PROVIDED WITHOUT ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR NON-INFRINGEMENT.

Quality Auto reserves the right to replace any defective parts. However, for defective electrical parts, only one replacement will be provided. Refunds are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Refunds will be issued only if the following conditions are met: